A downloadable game for Windows

A 2D Shooter game about popping balloons and getting upgrades with multiple characters.

This project is using art basically from OpenGameArt (thanks to all the spriters there!), but that will all probably change eventually. There are also a few bugs here and there.

Pro tip: the higher the balloons are, the more points their coins are going to give you.


Alpha 4


  • Archer's dash has almost no cooldown, with only 0.3 seconds now (from 1 second)
  • Archer's upgraded arrows are "closer" to each other now.


  • Ninja can now attack twice in the air (instead of just once)
  • Ninja's shurikens now travel 50% faster
  • Jump slightly different now
  • Power ups modified, vanilla regular shot throws 2 shurikens
  • Fever Mode now shoots "mirrored"
  • Base speed increased to 5 (from 4)


  • New music!
  • New sound effects!
  • New score system and score screen! Now you'll be rated up to 3 stars for each level.
  • Some nice, sweet transitions
  • Expire time for the coins increased to 15 seconds (from 13)
  • Pause button! Just press "ESC" during gameplay
  • Snowballs on the Winter Level actually do something now! :P
  • Each level is slightly shorter now
  • Small bugfixes
  • Small particle effects adjustments

Alpha 3.1

  • Title Screen!
  • Small bugfixes
  • Diffficulty adjustments
  • Prototype of the "Forest" stage

Any kind of feedback is appreciated (really!)

Install instructions

Controls are in-game. I recommend trying the Archer first, then the Ninja afterwards!

If you can't click on the "Play" button, try the game Windowed.


Alpha 4 - Windows 37 MB

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